Switch Point of Sale

Pharmacy Management System (Switch Point Of Sale) is software that allows you to effectively manage records and associated data. By using (S-POS), your clinical can automate workflows and enter medicines record each and every data regarding to the medicines and manage information.

Introducing new and improved switch POS system is your source of complete pharmacy software
It’s designed to Improve productivity in the workplace and build a customer relationship. It provides complete pharmacy software solution like inventory and location management, cash offer sales and purchase


  • Multi-User login/logout
  • Quick items scanning via
  • User friendly Main screen
  • Easy checked out, refunds and returns
  • Terminal views for admin and cashiers
  • Items discount function
  • Sales and purchase reports
  • Supplier and order


  • Barcodes generation
  • Batch verification
  • Inventory Management
  • location Management
  • Zero percentage chances of manual mistakes best relationships with